Small but effective script on Domain Scanning by (Fierce) !

Hi Auditors,

After a long break with new people and new terms, Here is my next share on, too small, but effective script known as Domain Scanning.
Yes, Its Fierce Domain Scan !

Well the whole story of the author is written on their website – so, I am directly pasting some command that help web sec auditor to find out many things of target terminal.

  • perl -dns -search string1,string2
  • perl -range -dnsserver
  • perl -dns -wide -file output.txt
  • perl -dns -connect headers.txt -fulloutput -file output.txt
  • perl -dns -wordlist dictionary.txt -file output.txt
  • perl -help

Thanks to RSnake and team for wonderful efforts on such perl scripts.
We can easily understand the script and read the function. fierce script is written in PERL.

Here is the two files of Fierce Domain Scan:  &  hosts.txt

Do you think to describe it ?? Naaa.. Its awesome while working on script !!

Happy Scripting !!